Kiverco Customer Support


We provide our customers with a high quality service, where our highly trained and skilled engineers and electricians are available on request. Our technology partners are experts within their fields and share our enthusiasm and drive to ensure that our customers come first and receive a high quality and professional service at all times.

Highly Trained Teams

Our team’s knowledge and experience ensures that our customers receive not only a high quality product but also an exceptional customer service. Understanding your business is key to offering you the best solution and at Kiverco, we offer expert advice on the running and maintenance of your recycling plant.

Maintenance Packages

Choose from tailored service packages such as Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual.

Spare Parts

We offer a full range of spare parts for any part of your recycling plant, with a fast delivery service.

Breakdown Cover

In the event of a breakdown, we can provide rapid response support to customers.


+44 (28) 8773 9908

Support Request

You can submit a support request by filling in the form below.