Waste Screen Kiverco

Waste Screen / Recycling Waste Screen

Waste Screens are an integral component of any waste recycling system and are typically used to screen bulky waste up to 300mm. At Kiverco we integrate ‘best in class’ waste screens into our Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) / recycling plants using world-class providers such as Spaleck.

Made in Germany since 1869, the Spaleck waste screen is a highly efficient and reliable vibrating screen offering perfect screening performance even in the most difficult waste applications. Spaleck screens integrate seamlessly into any MRF and come with a range of options depending on the application and needs of each customer.

  • The Spaleck recycling waste screen is a vibrating screen with a circular motion and is driven by a high-performance and equally energy-efficient three-phase AC motor.
  • The blind bottom on the infeed side guarantees an efficient utilization of the screening surface, a good material flow, increases the service life of the screening elements and reduces blocking material. 
  • Absolutely pure screening fractions and high grading of material
  • Ease of service and maintenance access without any special tools
  • High throughput performances due to maximum open screen surfaces
  • Optimal loosening and homogenizing of material by combining grate bars with falling stages
  • Easy cleaning and minimum maintenance time because of good accessibility
  • Low operating costs due to high lifetime of wear parts and low electrical consumption
  • Applications include Construction and Demolition Waste, Commercial & Industrial Waste, Municipal Solid Waste (household waste/garbage) and various types of shredded waste.

3D Combi Waste Screen

The 3D Combi screen is designed for the highly effective screening of difficult e.g. sticky or wet materials, with a wide variety of separation cuts from 0.2mm to 120mm possible.

The 3D upper deck screen segments are arranged to form a cascade, preventing long pieces from passing into the mid-size material. 

As a result, the material feed can be optimally loosened up and turned over.

  • Nearly blockage-free screening in the upper and lower deck thanks to tried and tested 3D and Flip-Flow technology.
  • The 3D screening segments guarantee correct grain size with no long pieces or extraneous material for the tension shaft screen on the lower deck.
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning.
  • This combination of 2 system solutions in 1 machine enables you to make enormous savings on conveying equipment, steel structures and space.
Waste Screen Kiverco
Waste Screen Kiverco

Flip Flow Screen

Flip Flow screens are designed to effectively screen difficult (e.g. sticky or wet) material between 0.2mm and 50mm. Within the structure of the Flip Flow Screen the relative movement of both screening frames creates a ‘trampoline effect’ for the screening mats. This rigorous action loosens up the most difficult to treat materials and prevents blinding.

  • Non-binding screening mats – less contamination
  • Compact and modular construction
  • Single- or multi-deck options
  • Dynamic wear resistant screening mats allow an efficient material flow – screwless mounted (fast changeover).
  • The high acceleration on the screening mats ensures a self-cleaning effect.
  • Infinite adjustment of the vibrating parameters to match changing product characteristics/qualities
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

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Other Modular Components

All models in the Kiverco Modular Range can be combined to form a complete recycling system. Below are other modular components.

The Modular PS Picking Station offers unrivalled set-up simplicity, operator comfort, safety and environmental protection. It combines air separation, magnetic separation and manual sorting – all in one modular unit.

  • Integrated air separation to produce clean product
  • Integrated magnetic separation to recover ferrous metals
  • 2 to 6 bay sorting to recover clean stone, wood, paper, plastics, card etc
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ Design
  • Variable Speed 1200 mm Wide Picking Belt
  • Wide Core Radiator
  • Diesel Electric Drive

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Picking Station

The Modular DS has been designed to efficiently separate material into usable fractions, using the latest in air separation technology. This machine can be combined to form a complete recycling system along with the Modular FT Feeder Trommel and Modular PS Picking Station.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ design
  • Diesel electric drive
  • Wide core radiator
  • Monitoring of material flow
  • Twin recirculating air blowers

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Density Separator