Air Separator

Metal Separation / Magnetic Separation

Metal separation is a critical process within a recycling plant. Firstly, it involves the separation of a high value commodity product. Secondly, its removal is important for the effective operation of downstream activities such as secondary shredding, optical sorting and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) production.

Overband Magnets / Over band Magnets

Overband magnets are designed for the continuous removal of ferrous metal such as steel from a product stream. The overband magnet is suspended above the feed line. As the ferrous metal passes under the magnet it is lifted out of the product feed and swept out of the magnetic field to a discharge point by cleated overband magnets. 

Kiverco have a wide range of overband magnets available and, depending on the application, permanent or electromagnets can be utilised.

Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Current Separators (ECS) are designed to separate non-ferrous conducting metals such as aluminium, copper and magnesium from a given waste or product stream. At Kiverco, we offer ECS solutions that process metal fragments down to 0.5mm, producing high-value recovery and purity rates. 

  • Separation of metals from domestic, industrial and skip waste in Material Recycling Facilities.
  • Separation of metals in shredder residue
  • Separation of metals from solid waste incinerator ash
  • Sorting of aluminium cans
  • Removal of metals from shredded wood
  • Removal of metal contamination from crushed glass cullet

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Other Modular Components

All models in the Kiverco Modular Range can be combined to form a complete recycling system. Below are other modular components.

The Modular FT carries out the initial screening of different sized material. This machine can be combined to form a complete recycling system along with the Modular PS Picking Station and Modular DS Density Separator.

  • Fully enclosed with roof and outlet covers, which greatly minimises noise and dust
  • Diesel electric powered with the option of mains electric power.
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ Design
  • Wide Core Radiator
  • Heavy Duty Feeder and Drum

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feeder trommel

The Modular PS Picking Station offers unrivalled set-up simplicity, operator comfort, safety and environmental protection. It combines air separation, magnetic separation and manual sorting – all in one modular unit.

  • Integrated air separation to produce clean product
  • Integrated magnetic separation to recover ferrous metals
  • 2 to 6 bay sorting to recover clean stone, wood, paper, plastics, card etc
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ Design
  • Variable Speed 1200 mm Wide Picking Belt
  • Wide Core Radiator
  • Diesel Electric Drive

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Picking Station