Monday, 25 July 2016 13:12

Investing in Excellence Pays Off for Mick George Ltd

Mick George Construction and Demolition Recycling Plant Mick George Construction and Demolition Recycling Plant

The Challenge

Mick George Ltd purchased St Ives site in 1999 and started operating as a waste site in 2006. Once further sites were purchased and other Transfer Stations opened, St Ives soon became a hub for other facilities.

Landfill sites were also acquired and it soon became apparent to the management team that the rapid growth in waste volumes and the continual increase in HMRC Landfill Tax, meant that a new approach to this market segment was required. Restricted space at the existing sites, the need to sort material to achieve higher recovery rates and growing demand for its services, all led Michael George, Contracts Director, to look for a fresh solution to these issues.

Requirements were to ensure that the company bought the best product for its purposes, with reliability and long service life being crucial. The company also wanted to ensure that the final choice of plant incorporated the very latest in sorting technology, to maximise recovery rates and to utilise all processed material, to meet the goal of zero waste to landfill. This would even include the >10mm material, which would be processed at a specialist washing plant, owned by Mick George (located at Mepal). An important requirement was for the plant to be capable of simultaneously handling mixed waste streams, to cope with the growing diversity of the company’s waste collection business.

The Solution

Every Kiverco plant is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the individual customer. In this case, the demands of the customer, together with the site layout and Kiverco’s vast knowledge of similar material processing requirements, led to the following solution being proposed. Kiverco chose to use high specification picking cabins throughout the plant, with full HVAC systems, larger windows and higher ceilings, to make spacious and comfortable working areas. All plant PLC controls are housed in a bespoke air conditioned and climate controlled cabin. A full CCTV system was also installed, with the monitor located in the control room. An indication of the scale of this plant can be gained by the fact that it took 41 articulated vehicle loads to transport the components from Northern Ireland to Cambridgeshire.

Both parties worked closely together during the extensive installation and commissioning phases, with Kiverco having been given full access to the site, to enable the experienced team of engineers and electricians, together with specialists from Untha, Steinert and Walair to come together to ensure that the demanding programme was adhered to. The plant will also be fully supported by Kiverco engineers, under a Kivercare bespoke inspection and maintenance programme to ensure maximum uptime over the life of the plant.