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Product Manufacture & Testing

Product Manufacture & Testing

Product Manufacture & Testing

Kiverco excel in the uncompromisingly robust design, manufacture and installation of waste processing & recycling equipment to the highest standards.

We have customers worldwide – we know what it means to build robust plant that withstand all different types of waste material and extremes of climate.

All of our plant is modular in design: You can diversify, expand, relocate, recondition or retrofit your plant as market conditions dictate. This ensures that your Kiverco plant has long lifetime value and can be modified as and when needed.

All Kiverco products undergo a strict quality control inspection throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.

All equipment is assembled and rigorously tested before dispatch, to ensure all plant operates perfectly to the specified requirements.

Kiverco engineers are highly skilled, qualified and experienced. Robust design quality and solid craftsmanship ensure all plant operates efficiently for years to come.