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Plant Relocation & Upgrade

Plant Relocation & Upgrade

Plant Relocation & Upgrade

Kiverco’s specialist ‘Renewal’ installation team have considerable experience in delivering the following solutions to clients:

Plant Relocation

Should you wish to dismantle your Kiverco plant and relocate it to a new facility locally or worldwide Kiverco have the know-how and capability to manage and deliver this in the shortest and most cost-effective time possible.

Plant Upgrade

Modular in design and built for any waste stream, a Kiverco plant is ‘future proof’ and can be extended or added to as required any time. Examples of areas you may wish to develop in the future include:

  • Upgrade from manual sorting to automated sorting
  • Add a new line to improve recovery and increase throughput
  • Introduce a new waste stream such as C&I to a C&D line

Plant Reconditioning / Refurbishment

Kiverco offer reconditioning services to extend the life of older Kiverco plant. 

From mechanical and electrical parts overhaul to fabrication this can be a cost-effective option.