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Wood / Biomass

Clean, pure wood. Clean, pure plant. Kiverco.

Wood / Biomass / Bark Processing

Kiverco world leading screening and separation technology removes contaminants, to deliver a clean, pure, sized wood for markets ranging from biomass energy plants to animal bedding supply.

A Kiverco plant combines screen, sorting, air and metal separation technology to remove product impurities such as paper, plastics, film, stone and metals from different sizes of wood products.

What wood products can be recovered?

Most waste woods can be recovered. These are graded and ultimately valued according to the quality of the wood. For example pallets would be classified as a clean Grade A wood whereas MDF or chipboard would be classed as a lower Grade C wood.

Where do the recovered products go?

Waste wood products can be used for biomass energy production, panel board manufacturing, composting, animal bedding and landscaping.

Kiverco - A solid and secure, future-proof investment.

A Kiverco Biomass Plant is built to last and designed to grow as your company grows, embracing existing and future recycling requirements

A Kiverco plant is modular and scalable. 

This gives you the security and flexibility to be able to change your plant in line with latest industry and market developments. 

You can upgrade your existing plant at any time, expand any parts of the facility or relocate individual products, sections or the entire plant.

Whatever your needs: Kiverco is the partner at your side.

Only Kiverco builds and designs uncompromisingly robust recycling plant which will give you maximum uptime so that you can achieve what is most important to you: maximum output.

A Kiverco Biomass plant will not only maximise the quality of your product, but the lifetime value of your Biomass facility.

Kiverco – Built with Backbone.

- Testimonal -
  • Kiverco has provided a robust solution with the lengthy lifespan we need. We have locally recruited 5 additional members of staff to assist with the plant,demonstrating how the system will increase our capacity levels. Working with Kiverco, EnVar can confidently look forward to a successful future.”

    - Richard Adcock, Site Manager, EnVar Composting Limited.

  • "The team from Kiverco who managed the design and installation deserve a lot of credit for their constant advice and professional workmanship throughout. They worked tirelessly and the plant has come together like clockwork. We are delighted that results of initial tests have exceeded our expectations. The tonnage test results in particular have been fantastic and the purity of the recovered materials really is exceptional"

    - Danny Weir, Managing Director, Weir Waste Services.

  • "From the moment I met JP Devlin, he worked tirelessly to ensure that we got the plant we wanted, at a fair price and crucially, when we needed it. When Niall McAlinden, the lead engineer, arrived on site and introduced himself to us, I knew we were in good hands. I am delighted with the outcome and pleased with my decision to employ Kiverco"

    - Terry Sharp, Managing Director, Sharp Group

  • "After several years of continued, and constant usage, our Kiverco plant continues to deliver, with minimum downtime. We are happy to recommend Kiverco"

    - Operations Director, Hammond Waste Management

  • "We were very impressed with Kiverco’s design as soon as we saw it. The installation team was fantastic. We felt in safe hands. We are very happy with our Kiverco Plant and are delighted with the After Sales service."

    - Andy Yeomans, Business Development Manager, Jones Skip Hire.

  • "The installation was hassle free, and we are delighted with the quality and the performance of our Kiverco plant. We are really impressed with the Kiverco aftercare service, and would recommend Kiverco Plant"

    - Frank Gordon, Operations Manager, S and B Waste Management