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Waste Solutions

World class plant, designed and built for a lifetime of reliability and value

Construction & Demolition Waste kiverco icon

Construction & Demolition Waste

A heavy, demanding waste stream that requires a rock solid recycling plant, built by Kiverco

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Commercial & Industrial Waste kiverco icon

Commercial & Industrial Waste

Achieve maximum recovery and highest purity in this wide and varied waste stream with Kiverco

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Municipal Solid Waste kiverco icon

Municipal Solid Waste

Separate household organics, recover recyclables and produce RDF with maximum efficiency through Kiverco.

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Waste to Energy RDF / SRF Production kiverco icon

Waste to Energy RDF / SRF Production

Waste derived fuel, prepared and delivered to the highest specifications with Kiverco.

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Fines Treatment kiverco icon

Fines Treatment

For clean, inert fractions with the best fines separation at the best value choose Kiverco.

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Mobile Solutions kiverco icon

Mobile Solutions

Mobile sorting stations, mobile air separators, mobile trommel screens - developed, engineered and built by Kiverco

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Dry Mixed Recyclables kiverco icon

Dry Mixed Recyclables

Separate dry mixed recyclables using uncompromisingly robust engineering, integrated with world leading technology, built by Kiverco

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Waste to Energy MBT Plant kiverco icon

Waste to Energy MBT Plant

Recover recyclables, produce heat and generate power through biological treatment with Kiverco

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Scrap Metal kiverco icon

Scrap Metal

Remove contaminants and efficiently screen, separate and sort metals with a Kiverco plant

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Incinerator Bottom Ash kiverco icon

Incinerator Bottom Ash

Efficiently screen IBA from an Energy Recovery Facility, maximising metal and secondary aggregate recovery with Kiverco

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Green Waste / Composting kiverco icon

Green Waste / Composting

Screening and separation technology by Kiverco ensures premium value for a clean wood, bark, compost or soil, free from contaminating materials such as bags, paper and plastics.

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Wood / Biomass kiverco icon

Wood / Biomass

Screening and separation technology by Kiverco delivers a clean, pure, sized wood for markets ranging from biomass energy plants to animal bedding supply.

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