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Conveyors ensure the smooth transition of waste material through a materials recovery facility. Available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and speeds they are a key component in the effective recovery of recyclable materials.

Kiverco conveyors are designed with absolute strength and ease of maintenance in mind. Modular in design they can be easily extended, shortened, integrated, or retrofitted.

The robust build quality allows the conveyor sections to be used in any waste stream, from heavy duty C&D waste MRFs to dry mixed recycling.

If optimum strength, long life, maximum uptime and ease of maintenance are important then Kiverco conveyors are the perfect waste industry conveyor solution.

  • Modular design allows conveyor to be extended or shortened at any time
  • Robust, heavy duty construction allows a wide variety of materials to be conveyed from any waste stream
  • Quickly change rollers without touching the belt
  • Bespoke feed boot complete with primary skirt protection and secondary sealing rubber throughout to prevent spillage
  • High impact energy absorbing bars in the feedboot
  • Diamond lagged drive drum with additional lagging to aid belt tracking
  • Disc return rollers to aid cleaning
  • Polyurethane belt scraper to optimise cleaning of the belt
  • Internal plough scraper with pivot control system
  • Quick change auto lubrication canisters
  • Multiple inspection / service access points throughout for total ease of service and maintenance.
  • Nip guards for safety
  • Direct drive motor and gearbox
  • Quick and easy belt tension and tracking adjustment from all four corners
  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Single stream recycling
  • RDF / SRF Production
  • Incinerator Bottom Ash