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Automated Sorting / Optical Sorting

Automated Optical Sorting 

Optical sorting is a high tech sensor-based method of sorting waste. This automated method of sorting delivers clean material fractions at significantly higher recovery and purity rates when compared to traditional manual methods of sorting, resulting in increased value for your material fractions.

At Kiverco we integrate class leading optical sorting equipment into our Material Recovery Facilities

Our Scandinavian technology partner for Optical Sorting equipment is Tomra Sorting Solution with their Titech Autosort technology.

  • A multifunctional sorting system to recover a wide range of material fractions from different waste streams, looking for enhanced material information and color in combination.
  • Innovative technology – selection of between different sensors
  • Combined NIR and VIS sensors into a universal modular sorting system to meet a wide variety of needs, such as recognizing print media by CMYK spectral analysis.
  • High purity – up to 99%*
  • High efficiency – up to 97%*
  • High precision – even the smallest of particles are recognized
  • High throughput performance – 30* metric tons and more per hour, depends on application and material
  • Low operating costs

*Numbers can vary depending on sorting task and equipment

  • Construction and Demolition Waste
  • Single stream (co-mingled) Recycling
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Mixed Municipal Solid Waste
  • Refuse Derived Fuel
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Wood