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Glass Breaker

  • glass breaker screen from Kiverco
Glass Breaker Screen

A glass breaker screen is essentially a 2 deck star screen designed for breaking and screening the glass fraction in a waste stream. For breaking the glass the first deck is supplied with shafts with steel flower stars. The flower stars are made from very wear resistant Hardox steel and have a diameter from 330 mm.

At Kiverco we integrate class leading Glass Breaker Screens from manufacturers such as Bollegraaf into our Material Recovery Facilities.

  • Adjustable plates have been attached above the breaker deck. The material remains on the breaker deck for longer because it bumps against the plates and falls straight back down. As the material bounces against the breaker deck more frequently, it will break more easily.
  • Any funnels for the glass fraction will be made of Hardox steel.
  • To simplify replacing the star axles, the glass breaker has been fitted with a crane gantry. The crane gantry has a travelling crab. A hoist can be attached to the travelling crab. Star axles can be hoisted in and out of the screening deck with the hoist. The screen has an inspection door. The door has an electric safety switch. The screen is covered with steel lids. They are bolted to the frame.
  • The drive is made of high-quality materials. The star screen is driven by 5.5 kW SEW motor reducers. The adjacent star axles are driven by means of chains and sprockets. The speed of the screening deck is variable due to the use of frequency regulators. You can set the screen size by adjusting the speed.
  • An additional inspection door for access to the screen.
  • Steel stars in the first metre of the second screen deck.
  • A maintenance platform on both sides of the screen equipped with a railing which can be reached by a cage ladder.
  • The screen’s motors can be fitted with isolating switches for service and a brake.
  • Working switch with feedback to the switch box to make the motors tension free.
  • The screen can be supported on an open steel construction.
  • A funnel under the screen made of 5 mm thick Hardox plate.
  • A funnel on the discharge side of the screen with a plate thickness of 4 mm Hardox plate.