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Post Shredder

Post Shredder 

Post shredders are used to refine the fraction size of pre shredded MSW and C&I waste, to produce SRF and RDF which can be burned in power stations and cement kilns in replacement of fossil fuels.

SRF producers need to guarantee a refined and homogenous particle size, even more-so than RDF manufacturers who in comparison tend to require a rougher shred with a less specific fraction requirement.

Post shredders can also be used to size individual products for reprocessing, such plastics and wood.

At Kiverco we integrate world class post shredding technology into our Material Recovery Facilities, working with both German and Austrian partners such as Untha and local manufacturers such as Ulster Shredders.

  • Treated household waste (MSW)
  • Treated commercial and industrial waste
  • Plastics
  • Wood