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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Modern recycling plants, waste transfer stations and material recovery facilities process mixed recyclable waste such as wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber and carpet. These waste products are highly combustible.

Installing a Kiverco fire protection system not only protects life, but also the building and expensive plant and machinery and can lead to substantial savings on your annual insurance premium.

Kiverco offers class leading fire protection systems based on infrared technology which effectively scan waste reception areas and sorting plants around the clock, creating a thermographic panoramic image. This can distinguish between easily combustible areas (such as hot spots), and harmless hot objects such as vehicle exhausts.

The smallest temperature changes in areas of risk and critical points can be analysed and reported constantly and reliably and with blanket coverage. This means that fire hazards can be detected before they start, localised and reported early on. Potential fire hazards can be combated in a targeted manner by using special control software to trigger a precisely controlled extinguisher.