Industrial & Commercial Waste Recycling Machinery & Equipment

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste consists of waste from premises used for the purposes of a trade or business, including retail premises, factories, government buildings and hospitals. This waste stream generally contains a high percentage of dry recyclable materials such as plastic, film, wood, card, and paper.

C&I Plant Solutions

Kiverco’s state of the art C&I waste recycling plants comprise of the latest in shredding, screen, air, magnetic, ballistic, optical and baling technology.  This allows operators to efficiently separate and sort a huge variety of material types, with purity and recovery rates up to 98% achievable. Our robust engineering and design principles are applied consistently giving customers maximum output at all times.

Installation of Weir Waste Recycling Plant by Kiverco

This time lapse video features installation of a 25TPH automated C&I processing plant, manufactured by Kiverco for Weir Waste.

Automated C+I Recovery Facility

This video features the running of a state of the art 25TPH automated C&I processing plant.


Kiverco incorporated this C&I plant into the client's existing building. The plant consists of a 4.0 metre Belt Feeder, a KL820 Trommel screening out the 0-50 mm fines. The oversize material is conveyed to a 6 bay double sided picking station. An overband magnet is situated at the end of the picking area.


Commercial and Industrial Waste Plant


What products can be recovered?
C&I products which can be recovered include:
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Card
  • HDPE and PET plastic
  • Film
  • Plastic bottles
  • Tetra packaging
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum cans.
Where do the recovered products go?
Is the plant flexible if our company grows?

C&I Case Studies