Kiverco Picking Station

Kiverco Picking Station

The Compact PS Picking Station offers unrivalled set-up simplicity, operator comfort, safety and environmental protection. It combines air separation, magnetic separation and manual sorting - all in one compact unit.

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Picking Station Projects

Kiverco Compact (Dry Mixed Recyclables)

This video demonstrates Dry Mixed Recyclables going through the Feeder Trommel and then the Picking Station.

Kiverco Compact Picking Station (Municipal Solid Waste)

The Compact Picking Station at work processing Municipal Solid Waste / Domestic Waste. The machines featured are a shredder, drum screen and a Kiverco Compact PS 122

Kiverco Compact (C&D Waste)

The Kiverco Compact plant at work, featuring the Feeder Trommel, Picking Station and Density Separator.

Municipal Solid Waste Project

Kiverco Compact PS122 processing Municipal Solid Waste in Romania, alongside the Kiverco Compact FT620 Feeder Trommel.

Municipal Solid Waste Project

Another Municipal Solid Waste project in Romania, with the Kiverco Compact PS122 Picking Station.

Features & Benefits

Produces Clean Product

With the integrated air separation option.

Recovers ferrous metals

With the integrated magnetic separation option.

2 to 6 bay sorting

Recovers clean stone, wood, paper, plastics, card or other recyclable materials at the option of the operator.

Adjustable Belt Speed

1200 mm wide picking belt adjustable to suit waste material and desired recovery required.

Rapid set up and transport capability

The hydraulic jack leg support system offers safe and rapid set up and transport capability on or off-site. Quick set-up time, with basic tools.

Picking Station

Other Modular Components

All models in the Kiverco Compact Range can be combined to form a complete recycling system. Below are other modular components.

The Compact FT carries out the initial screening of different sized material. This machine can be combined to form a complete recycling system along with the Compact PS Picking Station and Compact DS Density Separator.

  • Fully enclosed with roof and outlet covers, which greatly minimises noise and dust
  • Diesel electric powered with the option of mains electric power.
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ Design
  • Wide Core Radiator
  • Heavy Duty Feeder and Drum

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feeder trommel

The Compact DS has been designed to efficiently separate material into usable fractions, using the latest in air separation technology. This machine can be combined to form a complete recycling system along with the Compact FT Feeder Trommel and Compact PS Picking Station.

  • Fully adjustable
  • Pre-wired ‘Plug and Play’ design
  • Diesel electric drive
  • Wide core radiator
  • Monitoring of material flow
  • Twin recirculating air blowers

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Density Separator

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