New to the Market?

Today, the recycling market can be confusing to new entrants. Terms such as RDF, MSW, WtE, the Circular Economy and others may not mean much to you at this stage. All you know is that you are faced with the problem of increasing volumes of waste material and you need to process it, efficiently, safely and economically.

As Governments around the world strive to implement programmes to increase recycling and to divert valuable materials from wasteful disposal in landfill dumps, so the landscape in which Kiverco operates is evolving just as quickly.

The composition of waste streams varies considerably

We have considerable experience of dealing with these situations and have a lot of information available to help you make the right decisions.

How to deal with your local waste problem

At this stage you may not know exactly which route you want to take to deal with your local waste problem. We can build you a small plant to handle low volumes or one much more substantial. All of our plants are bespoke and built specifically to meet your requirements.

We understand your unique market conditions

We have spent over 25 years developing and delivering solutions to support local operators and communities throughout the world, bearing in mind your unique market conditions.

Waste Recycling Plant Solutions